Apart from his regular business activities, Mr. Cıngıllıoğlu is an active philanthropist, a contributor to the Turkish society through several social projects. Some of his significant donations are named after his father Mr. Nuri Cıngıllıoğlu who was also a prominent businessman from the early Republic era generation; pioneer in banking, industry and energy sectors of the young Republic of Turkey, employer of thousands of people.
Below is the list of the schools spread around Turkey, which are donated by Mr. Cıngıllıoğlu to the Turkish education system:

  • Savur Nuri Cıngıllıoğlu Anadolu lisesi,  is a regional primary school in Mardin district of Turkey with dormitory service playing a key role in supporting the education of children in countryside areas where literacy levels are relatively lower. 
  • Sema Cıngıllıoğlu Şırnak İlköğretim Okulu is a primary school in Sirnak District of Turkey at the southern eastern part of Turkey.
  • Nuri Cıngıllıoğlu Lisesi, Icerenkoy ISTANBUL  is a high school situated in Istanbul established in 1998. The curriculum of the school emphasizes intensive linguistic training to the students. For further information on this school please consult 
  • Erciyes University Faculty Of Arts And Literature, Established in 1978, Erciyes University is one of the prominent universities in Turkey located in Kayseri, a large industrialized city in Central Anatolia. Erciyes University offers degree programs to approximately 53.000 students and employs nearly 2400 academic staff. The university serves with 19 Faculties, 7 Graduate Schools, 2 Vocational Schools, 1 School; 42 Research Centers, and also with the research hospital with 1350 beds.
  • İstanbul Technical University, Nuran Cıngıllıoğlu Boys Domitory provides residence to 56 university students in the campus of the ITU.
  • Şehit Kemal Mutlu Anadolu Öğretmen Lisesi is a high school dedicated to educate the future teachers of Turkey providing students intensive linguistic courses to the level of proficiency in English. 


The school complex is one of the most important and sizable buildings in the district of Rize and expected to contribute significantly to the Turkish education system.


Mr Cingilligolu (middle)  receiving infomration about the construction process of the school.

Rize Güneysu Nuri Cıngıllıoğlu  Boys and Girls Dormitory complexes., Mr. Cingililloglu has also donated dormitory complexes for the students who shall study in the School.



Mr. Cıngıllıoğlu receiving a merit of honour from Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan prime minister of Turkey for his contributions to Rize Guneysu.

Notes from Mr. Tayyip Erdogan to the “honor book of the high school” in Guneysu, thanking Mr. Cıngıllıoğlu for his donations.


Other  contributions of Mr. Cıngıllıoğlu to the Turkish society are as follows:

İstanbul Bahçelievler Kemal Has Rehabilitation Center For Handicapped People
Istanbul Uskudar Nuri Cıngıllıoğlu Mosque



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